General Algebra and Its Applications: gaia 2013

In celebration of
Brian Davey's 65th birthday
and retirement

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
La Trobe University, Melbourne
15-19 July 2013
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Invited speakers

Libor Barto (Charles University)
Andrei Krokhin (Durham University)
Andrei Bulatov (Simon Fraser University) Miklos Maroti (Bolyai Institute, Szeged)
David Clark (SUNY New Paltz) Ralph McKenzie (Vanderbilt University)
Igor Dolinka (University of Novi Sad) 
Hilary Priestley (Oxford University)
Peter Jipsen (Chapman University)
Mikhail Volkov (Ural Federal University)
Marcin Kozik (Jagiellonian University) Ross Willard (University of Waterloo)

Full list of participants, including slides of their presentations.

Special issue of Algebra Universalis, aka GAIA2013 Proceedings, announcement and information.

The GAIA song.

The music and words for the final version of the GAIA song may be downloaded below. Enjoy!

Lyrics (Brian Davey and friends, take 3)

Music (Brian Davey and friends)